A popular day trip from Marrakech is to visit the nearby Orika Valley. This trip will give a deeper understanding to the Berber culture, and show you the way of life outside the big city.

Our first stop will be at a Womens Argan Collective. Here you will be able to see local women making products from argan (butter, cosmetics, oil) and other materials. Argan is a very important part of our culture.

From here we will make our way through the green countryside to Setti Fatma, a small village surrounded by streams, waterfalls and mountain views. This village is a popular place for local people from Marrakech to visit as well. Here we can have lunch and a tea, and you will have time to explore.

We will be sure to visit the famous tombs of Setti Fatma as well.

After this stop, you can have the option of stopping somewhere else along the route, either to take tea in an auberge or find a trail for a hike. As always, we are flexible with our itineraries and want to be sure that your day trip is how you like it!

The trip to Orika Valley takes approximately 1.5 hours each way. We will pick you up at your Marrakech hotel in the morning and drop you back at night. Timing is flexible, this is your day to enjoy!